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Product Program

Accessories for the compact series

The following extensive accessory belongs to the compact serie: 

  • Mechanical accessories
  • Optical accessories
  • Air purge collars
  • Protective housings
  • Rail mount adapter and cover
  • Digital interfaces
  • Works Test Certificate

You will find the STEP files for our accessories in the download area.

Mechanical Accessories

Mechanical Accessories for infrared thermometer

Extensive mechanical accessory is available for the infrared thermometers of the compact series. Mounting brackets, mounting bolt and mounting forks are available for all stainless steel sensing heads (threads M12x1). A laser sighting help can be adjusted with the help of a special mounting bracket. 

Optical Accessories

Optical accessories for infrared thermometer

Optical accessories, such as CF lenses are available for all sensing heads of the compact series. The measurement of smallest objects starting from 0.6 mm is therefore made possible. The lens can be combines with a laminar air purge collar via an external thread. The lens is also available as a pure protecting window for the lens. An additional 90° mirror lens is available for the M12x1 tread.

Air Purge Collars

Air Purge Collars for infrared thermometer

If a device finds use in dusty surroundings, an air purge collar can be adjusted to the sensing head. The laminar air purge collar is available for all M12x1 sensing head threads. The air outlet to the site avoids acooling down of the object when having short measurement distances. The laminar air purge collar is adjustable at two aches with a mounting bracket. 

Protective Housings

Protective Housings for infrared thermometers

The protective housings for the compact series are available in brass, anodized aluminum or stainless steel. A protective pipe can be adjusted to the massive housing as a reflection cover (except CX devices).

Rail Mount Adapter and Closed Cover

Rail Mount Adapter for infrared thermometer

The rail mount adapter plate is used to mount the electronic box onto mounting rails. The closed cover of the electronic box avoids that parameters are unintentionally changed.

Digital Interfaces

Digital Interfaces of infrared thermometers

All devices of the compact series with an seperate electronic box consist of a modular plug slot at the box. Interfaces are therefore flexible to change. Available modules are: USB, RS232, RS485, CAN-Bus, Profibus DP and Ethernet.

Learn more about PROFIBUS in our PROFIBUS webcast or our technical note "Integration of IR temperature sensors into Siemens PLC environment".

Works Test Certificate

Works Test Certificate for infrared thermometers of compact series

For each infrared measurement device of the compact series we offer a works checking certificate against a small expense loading. The works checking certificate is sent out with your IR-thermometer.

Here you will find further information regarding the works test certificate.