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Application examples for non-contact temperature measurement

The process and product temperature is an important physical indicator for manufacturing processes and ensures a high quality level of the production line. 

All Optris products apply in different areas, covering the non-contact temperature measurement. This covers the plastic industry, the food industry as well as the solar industry and life science. 


The automotive industry covers many manufacturing steps in which different materials are processed.
The processes can be monitored and optimized by infrared thermometers and infrared cameras to ensure an efficient quality of the products.



Examples: Control of components within test stations; laminating of car interiors: error displays at vehicles

Fire prevention

Consequence of fires in industrial plants are not only severe material damages, but also production losses. Most of the times, fires are preceded by a significant build-up in heat, which can be detected by monitoring the plant with infrared cameras and infrared thermometers, thus preventing a possible breakout effectively.


The production process of plastic products is as versatile as the plastics itself.
We will only name the most common processes as there are different demands regarding the temperature measurement.



Examples: thermoforming of foil; surface refinement at the embossing calendar; production of PET bottles


Different processes within the medical area can be monitored and optimized through the use of non-contact temperature measurement.
Our products are used by producers of medical products but also by health professionals for fast diagnosis.


Examples: Monitoring of cryogenics; production of glass shots; manufacturing of dental products

Solar cell

A continuous process control and optimization within the semiconductor industry is of great importance.
This can be carried out through the temperature steering via an infrared thermometer or the quality securing via infrared cameras.

: string brazing of solar modules; quality control of solar modules; test stations of conductor boards


Non-contact measuring sensors are an important part of metal production and processing.
Through the use of measurement devices, a high quality of products can be achieved as well as a reduction in the process costs through specific process optimization.


Examples: Inductive curing and striking; contraction process; measurement of casting temperature


Especially the glass industry depends on temperature control due to its energy complex manufacturing steps.
By monitoring the temperature of the products and the equipment, highest quality can be assures to stand ones ground on the market. 

Examples: Monitoring of glass melting bowls; Production of container glass; manufacturing of flat glass


The preventive maintenance is gaining more and more importance.
Whether the monitoring of electrical and mechanical facilities or within air conditioning, infrared thermometers and cameras can be of help to detect weak points or defects.
Expensive deadlocks can therefore be avoided.

: Electrical and mechanical maintenance; permanent monitoring with fixed IR thermometers