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optris® PI LightWeight is the first to permit radiometric recording of video imagery from the air

28 January 2013

Making airborne surveys child’s play

Optris GmbH’s newest system optris® PI LightWeight that just launched on the market has been specially developed for deployment in micro drones to measure temperatures from the air. For first time ever it is now possible to record and edit high-quality radiometric infrared videos. "There are a great many potential uses," says Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kienitz, Optris GmbH’s general manager. "PI LightWeight is uniquely suited for maintenance work and quality inspections of solar and wind power systems and also for thermographic surveys of buildings".

optris® PI LightWeight is a kit composed of a light-weight PC from the
optris® PI NetBox family and an optris® PI400 / PI450 infrared camera, ideally fitted with a 62° wide-angle lens. With a total weight of only 350 g the unit was designed specifically for deployment in micro drones. The system offers full radiometric infrared inspection with 382 x 288 pixels at 12 ms per image. A 20 Hz video signal is generated during inspection flights and radio-transmitted to the UAV operator. In parallel, radiometric imagery is stored on a SDHC memory card at a frequency of
35 Hz. A GigE interface is provided to download the video from the light-weight PC after the flight.
The package is rounded off by the versatile optris® PIX Connect software for data recording and analysis. Connection of a HD video camera is supported via an additional USB port.

About Optris GmbH
Optris GmbH is a leading manufacturer of non-contact measuring equipment. Optris is developing and producing both portable and fixed infrared thermometers for industrial applications as well as online infrared cameras for real-time thermography analysis. Highest quality standards and a Germany-based production are essential of Optris’s corporate policy.


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Norman Rönz
Marketing & Communications
Optris GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)30 / 500 197 45
Email: Norman.Roenz@optris.de

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