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The Optris Logo has been modified

22 February 2019

The new subline reflects the whole range of products

Optris logo
new Optris logo 2019


As of January 1, 2019, Optris GmbH changed the subline of its logo: "optris - infrared thermometers" became "optris - infrared measurements". This change was made because the product group for infrared cameras now makes up nearly half of total sales.


Reliable temperature measurement as the most important device function

From the beginning, the founder of Optris, Dr. Ing. Ulrich Kienitz, deemed it very important that products meet the highest technical standards and be versatile in industrial use. "Stable, accurate, non-contact temperature measurement", is how Dr. Kienitz summarizes the devices’ most important function. The development of industrial accessories such as cooling housings or air purge units was also advanced in order to ensure this.


Optris infrared cameras revolutionize the industry

When Optris began developing and producing infrared cameras in 2009, the market was mainly composed of expensive cameras for the R&D sector. "High quality at contemporary prices, particularly for stationary industrial applications, where thermal processes take place and where there are high ambient temperatures, dusty air and strong electromagnetic interference fields", explains Dr. Kienitz regarding the value for money strategy that still applies today. Cameras are designed to be compact and rugged, allowing them to be extensively used in all industries. Now there are infrared cameras with many different technical parameters and for special industries. The Xi 80 entry-level model can be obtained for under 1000 euros.



press contact:

Björn Steppons
PR Manager
Optris GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)30 500 197-21
Email: pr@optris.de


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