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Infrared thermometers & pyrometers

Optris infrared thermometers and pyrometers for spot measurements are particularly well suited for precise temperature monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems. Simply select a suitable temperature sensor from one of the following product groups!

Compact series: Small and low-cost infrared thermometers

Compact series: Small and low-cost infrared thermometers

Are you looking for an extremely small sensing head which can easily be integrated into processes with limited available space? Or are you looking for low-cost yet reliable infrared thermometers which can be used in multiple infrared measuring locations? If so, the small and low-cost pyrometers from our Compact Series are ideal for your needs!

High performance series: Highly accurate infrared thermometers with laser

Infrared thermometers of high performace series

If you have rather demanding requirements in your temperature measurement devices, or if you would simply like to determine the measuring spot more accurately by means of laser technology, then the infrared thermometers from our High Performance Series are the right choice for you.


Which infrared thermometer is right for me?

The easiest way of finding the right infrared thermometer for your application is using our Pyrometer Selector, or during a commitment-free personal consultation with one of our application engineers.

If you still prefer to keep looking for the right pyrometer yourself, you should start by determining the properties of the object surface on which your measurements are to be performed. A particularly important parameter in this respect is emissivity ε. The following wavelength ranges are available:

IR thermometers for non-metal surfaces: 8-14 µm

This wavelength corresponds to device type LT. Would you like to measure a non-metal surface such as a plastic surface? If so, these are your devices of choice.
Compact series: optris CS LT, optris CSmicro LT, optris CSmicro 2W LToptris CX LT, optris CT LT, optris CTfast LT, optris CThot LT
High performance series: optris CSlaser LT, optris CTlaser LT
Handheld thermometers: optris P20 LT, optris MS LT

IR thermometers for glass surfaces: 5,0 µm

This wavelength corresponds to device type G5 and enables reliable temperature measurements on glass by selecting one of the following infrared thermometers.
Compact series: optris CT G5
High performance series: optris CSlaser G5 HF, optris CTlaser G5

IR thermometers for metal: 0,5 - 2,3 µm

Pyrometers with this wavelength range are perfectly suited for measuring liquid and solid metal surfaces by simply selecting one of the following devices.
Compact series: optris CSmicro 3M, optris CSmicro 2W 2M, optris CT 1M / 2M, optris CT 3M
High performance series: optris CSlaser 2M, optris CTlaser 05M, optris CTlaser 1M / 2M, optris CTlaser 3M, optris CSvideo 2M, optris CTvideo 1M / 2M, optris CTvideo 3M, ratio pyrometer CTratio 1M
Handheld thermometers: optris P20 1M / 2M, optris P20 05M

IR thermometers for special applications: 2,3 - 7,9 µm

In addition to your usual measurement tasks, you may have to solve unusual measurement problems from time to time. For these situations, Optris offers the following pyrometers:

Pyrometers for Measuring Temperatures on Films

With a wavelength of 7.9 µm, these infrared thermometers of device type P7 are perfectly suited for measuring temperatures of very thin plastic materials such as PET, PU, PTFE, or PA.
Compact series: optris CT P7
High performance series: optris CTlaser P7

Pyrometers for measuring combustion gases

With a spectral range of 4.24 µm and 4.64 µm, respectively, infrared thermometers of device type F2 and F6 are ideally suited for measuring temperatures of CO2 and CO combustion gases.
High performance series: optris CTlaser F2, optris CTlaser F6

Pyrometer for measuring temperatures through flames

Workpieces inside furnaces are difficult to measure because the flames surrounding the workpiece distort the measurement results. An IR thermometer with a spectral range of 3.9 µm permitting easy and precise measurements through flames is the solution.
High performance series: optris CTlaser MT

Pyrometers for laser applications

Temperature measurements in laser applications require a stop filter against laser radiation in order to ensure precise measurement results.
High performance series: optris CT XL 3M

How can I find the right optics for my infrared thermometer?

The use of the right optics is indispensable in order to achieve precise measurement results. It depends on the size of the object to be measured and the distance between the object and the pyrometer. The easiest way of determining the right optics for your thermometer of choice is using the measurement spot calculator for pyrometers.