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Temperature measurement in maintenance

From maintenance in electrical and mechanical systems to temperature monitoring in cooling systems, Optris' infrared thermometers and thermal magers aid in the detection of possible leakages and malfunctions. Even non-visible defects in swithgears, fuses, motors or electrical connections can be detected quickly and reliably.

The cold- and hotspot detection functions of Optris' infrared cameras as well as set ups for maximum versatility help in making temperature monitoring in preventive maintenance easier.

Preventive electrical maintenance

electrical maintenance

Almost every current asset which is supported by energy turns hot before a breakdown. Temperature monitoring can best be provided with portable infrared thermometers in line with preventive electrical maintenance.



Recommended devices: MSpro LT or infrared thermometer optris CS LT

Application note: Preventive Maintenance

Defect analysis for air conditioning technology

air conditioning technology

Portable infrared thermometers save time and money during maintenance of heating systems, ventilators and air conditioning. Error sources, such as leaks or clogged filters, can be localized within short times and unscheduled cutoffs can be avoided.


Recommended devices: Portable infrared thermometer optris MS LT or
MSplus LT