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Infrared thermometer optris CTlaser F6 for temperature measurement of CO flame gas

The infrared thermometer optris CTlaser F6 is an upgraded version of the pyrometer optris CTlaser F2. It has also been designed for temperature measurement of CO flame gasses, e.g. in combustion processes, in garbage incineration, or in processes in chemical reactors.

The pyrometer measures temperatures precisely between 200°C and 1,650°C. Due to the measuring head being made of stainless steel, it is heat-resistant up to 85°C without additional cooling. Also, optional cooling and protection equipment is available, ensuring exact temperature measurement even in rough surroundings.

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1.190,00 EURPrices may vary due to different customs and shipping costs worldwide

Possible configuration

Standard scope of delivery
CTlaser incl. mounting nut and mounting bracket (ACCTLFB), 3m head cable (standard), electronic box with LCD display and programming keys, operators manual

Choose accessories

Mechanical accessories

Sighting tube M48x1,5, 300 mm length, stainless steel
Mounting adapter: mounting and pipe flange incl. screws, stainless steel
Furnace wall mount accessory for CSlaser/ CTlaser: Mounting adapter, sighting tube (300 mm), pipe adapter M48x1,5, stainless steel
Connector kit for a subsequent conversion of a standard CSlaser or CTlaser sensor into the connector version (sensor backplane with connector and blank cap for the cable gland)
Rail mount adapter for CT, CTlaser, CT XL, CTratio, CSvideo and CSvideo electronics
Mounting bracket CSlaser / CTlaser / CSvideo / CTvideo, adjustable in two axes, stainless steel
Emissivity labels for measurement of reflective surfaces ε=0,95/ diameter: 25mm/ -40...380°C/ sheet with 70 pcs. (not usable for 3M sensors)
Mounting bracket CSlaser / CTlaser / CSvideo / CTvideo, adjustable in one axes, stainless steel,with tripod thread
Closed cover for CSlaser/ CTlaser/ CSvideo/ CTvideo/ CT XL/ CTratio electronic box


Air purge collar for CSlaser/ CTlaser / CSvideo / CTvideo, stainless steel, prevents the lens from pollution
Water cooled housing for CSlaser / CTlaser / CSvideo / CTvideo pyrometers, stainless steel, for temperatures up to 175°C
Outdoor protective housing for CTlaser LT/ CSlaser LT with integrated heater, incl. prot. window (ZnS) and air purge collar/ 24 V DC
CoolingJacket Advanced Standard version for CTlaser, CSlaser, CTvideo, CSvideo
CoolingJacket Advanced Extended version for CTlaser, CSlaser, CTvideo, CSvideo


RS232 interface kit for CT, CTlaser and CT XL sensors - incl. computer cable, software Compact Connect
RS485/422 USB adapter incl. cable and terminal block, USB extension cable (40 cm), software Compact Connect
RS485 interface board for CT, CTlaser and CT XL sensors
Profibus-DPv1 interface with M12 connection (M12 connector included) for CT-, CTlaser and CT XL sensors
Ethernet kit for CT-, CTlaser- and CT XL-Sensoren incl. interface board, external Ethernet adapter, 220
software Compact Connect
Relay interface for CT sensors: Two optically isolated relays, 60 VDC/ 42 VACRMS, 0,4 A
Modbus RTU interface board
IR App Connector for CT / CTlaser / CT XL: USB interface board and cable with Micro-USB plug and adapters for USB-C and USB-A, compatible with IRmobile (Android) and CompactConnect (Windows)

Individual configuration

Model: optris CTlaser F6: 200-1450°C / 4,64 µm (CO) / 45:1 / 10 ms

Cable length: Standard 3 m head cable

Optics: SF optics: 27 mm @ 1200 mm

Connector version: Standard

Choose accessories:

Price1.190,00 EUR

Prices may vary due to different customs and shipping costs worldwide