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Ratio pyrometer optris CTratio 2M for high-temperature measurement of metals

Due to its short measuring wavelength the ratio pyrometer optris CTratio 2M is especially suited for measurement of extremely high metal temperatures and its very short response time allows for surveillance of very fast processes.

The ratio pyrometer is largely resistant against dust, steam and dirty observation windows. This allows for an accurate measurement in cases of window soiling of up to 90 percent. The pyrometer additionally measures reliably in cases where the measuring object only covers 5 percent of the measuring point or moves very fast.

Rugged, electrically isolated sensing head and fiber optic cable for ambient temperatures up to 315 °C without cooling

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2.650,00 EURPrices may vary due to different customs and shipping costs worldwide

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Rail mount adapter for CT, CTlaser, CT XL and CTratio electronics
Certificate of calibration for CTratio 1M with 3 reference temperatures
Mounting bracket for cooling jacket, adjustable in one axis, stainless steel
Mounting bracket for cooling jacket, adjustable in two axes, stainless steel
Mounting flange, fitting to pipe flange and cooling jacket, stainless steel
Pipe flange M48, fitting to sighting tubes with M48x1, 5 threads, stainless steel
Pipe adapter with M48x1, 5 internal thread, stainless steel
Sighting tube M48x1,5, 300 mm length, stainless steel
Thread adapter for the ratio pyrometer CTratio, M48x1,5 (external) - M18x1 (internal), stainless steel
Mounting adapter: mounting and pipe flange incl. screws, stainless steel
Furnace wall mount accessory for CTratio: Mounting adapter, sighting tube (300 mm), pipe adapter M48x1,5, thread adapter M48x1,5 to M18x1, stainless steel
Emissivity labels for measurement of reflective surfaces ε=0,95/ diameter: 25mm/ -40...380°C/ sheet with 70 pcs. (not usable for 3M sensors)

Individual configuration

Model: optris CTratio 2ML: 250-1000°C | 1,45-1,75μm

Cable length: 3 m glass fiber cable (standard)

Optics: SFV optics: D:S = 38:1, adjustable focus, measuring distance 300 mm to ∞

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Price2.650,00 EUR

Prices may vary due to different customs and shipping costs worldwide

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