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Product accreditation through factory checking certificate

For each infrared measurement device we offer a works checking certificate against a small expense loading. The works checking certificate is sent out with the device.

Additionally, Optris recommends all customers to have their devices check on an annual basis in line with our calibration services.

The works checking certificate certifies that the device delivers measurement data at certain temperature spot sizes in line with an expectable measurement inaccuracy. 

Works test certificate

For each infrared measurement device we supply a works test certificate for a small expense loading.

The works test certificate will be included in the purchase shipment, documenting the measuring accuracy of the IR sensor or thermal imager by using three different measurement values within the temperature measurement range.

Maintenance of infrared measuring devices

To ensure reliable temperature measurement results, Optris recommends the annual inspection of your devices in line with our calibration service. Infrared thermometers and thermal imagers will be checked for malfunctions by documenting not only the room temperature and humidity of the calibration laboratory, but also the measuring distance as well as the radiation diameter (calibration geometry).

Precise measuring devices are key in process monitoring procedures. You are welcome to learn more about our included services, ensuring the accurate functioning of your devices.

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