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Product Program

The Optris Xi series - The Compact Line

Pyrometer or IR camera?
The Xi series is a fusion of a rugged, compact pyrometer and a modern IR camera. Thanks to analog and digital outputs as well as the option to process up to nine freely definable measuring areas using an external process interface, the Xi camera is perfectly suited for OEM applications.  


optris xi 80 thermal imager

optris Xi 80: Compact spot finder IR camera

tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Industrial imager with 80 x 80 pixels resolution
tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Rugged, compact Imager with motor focus
tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder


infrared camera optris Xi 400

optris Xi 400: Compact industrial imager

tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Industrial imager with 382 x 288 pixels resolution
tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Distance-to-spot-size ratio up to 390:1
tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Monitoring of fast processes with framerate of 80 Hz


Xi 400 microscope optics

optris Xi 400 microscope optics: IR camera for the inspection of assembled circuit boards

tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Analysis of smallest components down to 240 µm
tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Easy handling thanks to motor focus
tl_files/bilder/Sonstige Bilder/punkt.jpg  Recording of radiometric videos


optris Xi - Line scan

An all-rounder for numerous application
From plastics to metal processing, in the automotive sector as well as in fire prevention tasks; the Xi series masters various applications. Even processes with limited visual access can easily be monitored with the help of the line scan function.  


Integrated spot finder function

Integrated spot finder function
The integrated spot finder function allows for the precise temperature measurements of moving objects - without having to readjust the sensor. The camera figures it out on its own, without being connected to a PC.  


The Xi series convices with its motor focus

Motor focus simplifies handling
Both Xi models are equipped with a motorized focus. The free PIX Connect software enables a remote focusing from the distance.  


messtec + sensor award winner 2018

Being awarded as messtec + sensors masters award winner 2018 in the category "sensors", the Optris Compact Line starts off extraordinarily well - just as the traditional pyrometer line ("Innovationspreis der Industrie", CTlaser) and the Optris Precision Line (TR Award, PI 160) did before.  


All optris infrared cameras are compatible with the Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software Dewesoft X by

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